Categories & Tags

This page features all the different kinds of work featured in ISSUE Magazine, organized by the categories and tags we’ve assigned each post. This is just a basic guide, a lot of our featured work uses a mix of genres and categories. We’ve always got space for more genres and types of work, so if whatever your medium is isn’t listed here, send us something and give us an excuse to make a new category!



Generalthe umbrella category for all writing featured on ISSUE

Editor’s Notemonthly/bi-monthly missives from the ISSUE editors

Essays and Musingscommentary on matters personal, philosophical, and global

Fictionshort stories, flash fiction, genre writing

Interviewconversations with others, be they fictional or real

Memoircreative non-fiction, personal recollections and essays

Poetryverse, spoken word, visual poetry

Travelwriting about place, travelogues, travel diaries


Generalthe umbrella category for all visual work featured on ISSUE

Artwork illustrations, collages, digital art, text-art mashups

Comicsnarrative illustrations, panel comics

Photosfilm and digital photography, collages

Video/Filmshort films, event recordings, live readings, spoken word, travelogues


General the umbrella category for all audio-related posts on ISSUE

PodcastISSUE’s monthly/bi-monthly recorded conversation event

Songsrecorded music of all kinds

Spoken Wordrecorded readings of poetry or prose


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