About Us


ISSUE Magazine was a free and open platform for creatives to share their work. We published monthly until June 2013, before switching to a bi-monthly schedule. Each of our ISSUEs focused on a theme, and as of our final ISSUE in June 2014, we have explored 19 altogether. For more on our decision to end ISSUE after two years, check out our interviews with BFM Radio and Durian Asean.

At its most fundamental level, we aimed to sharpen and showcase the creative work of our contributors, unified by the monthly/bi-monthly theme, which we hoped would encourage conversation between our editors and the contributors, between the contributors themselves and of course between our magazine and our readers.

The magazine served to curate the different interpretations various people may have on a certain topic. What you gravitate to when you think of a specific issue may and most likely will differ to how someone else sees it, and we like the idea of showcasing how vast the spectrum on any topic can be.

We started off in early 2012 as a couple of people with an idea to do a podcast, which expanded into the aim to be an arts collective of sorts. We wanted to encourage people to share their creativity, in any medium. Writing of all stripes (fiction, non-fiction, essays, memoir, travel writing, humour, poetry, commentary etc etc etc), music & spoken word, photography, art & drawings, videos — anything, really.

Read more about how the magazine came about here.


You can read through the back issues of the magazine by going through our archives (20122013 and 2014) or navigate our website by looking through work organized by respective authors, guests or photographers. There’s also a handy page of all the categories of work featured here on ISSUE.

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