How Is The Journey Going? Photographs by Nina Mouritzen

What was the prevailing emotion in the first days/weeks of your move to New York? What was that transition like? What images (mental and/or physical photographs) can you remember from those days?

I remember those days vividly. I moved to New York shortly after I turned 19 years old (a long time ago!) from Copenhagen, Denmark, so I think the transition to move halfway around the world was as much an exit from a current life as it was a beginning to another one. My associations of that decision felt like a natural process in order to develop and grow.

I think the images above, most of them were taken very shortly after my arrival, and they form a kind of narrative of entries, exits and new adventures and discoveries, on a more metaphorical level. Those days were truly jam-packed with new impressions, emotions and a constant analysis of my surroundings, so I think there were a lot of doors that were constantly entered and exited and [which] really brought about a lot of changes and challenges. I did not know anyone, so for the first couple of weeks, I was extremely isolated to the point of having to talk to myself just to hear my own voice, which forces you to re-examine certain things, and definitely pushes you through many revolving doors of discoveries. I would never trade that experience for anything.

For you, are exits always transitions or are they always final?

I associate exits more with beginnings: turning a page, rounding a corner, entering a new adventure. Nothing final; more like another hello as opposed to a definitive goodbye.

What do you to commemorate or mark an exit — from a place, from a relationship, from a state of being? Do you have any personal rituals? 


Tell us how you would say hello to a long lost friend.

How is the journey going?

More of Nina‘s work can be found here. She last appeared here in ISSUE #14: YOUTH. 

Feature image by Melissa Toh.

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