Exiting Thought: Artworks by K. Thangarajoo

According to Ashvin Varghese, his father K. Thangarajoo’s art is a form of therapy.

“His works have the capability of visual relaxation. Looking at his works, especially those rendered in pen, puts the viewer in the condition of non-thinking. Basically you ‘exit’ all forms of thought and become calm and centered, making you perform better. His works are so detailed and molecular, depicting procreation, and looks at life under a microscope through an artistic interpretation.”

And when he sent the works through, we saw what he meant. We were taken by the intricate “molecular” drawings, the use of geometry, patterns and colour to evoke something organic and microscopic that was nonetheless grand in its detailed execution. The intricacy of the small details makes some of his works almost like labyrinthine maps to get lost in. And we hope you do.

K. Thangarajoo has worked in diverse fields such as abstract art, batik painting, mask making, puppet theatre, drama and more, and his works have explored the themes of consciousness, biology, the human body and human nature, purity, dualism, spirituality, the metaphysical and more. He has more than 40 years experience as an art educator and has been involved in making art since 1978.

Ashvin Varghese is a keen blogger, and an avid advocate for his father’s art, which has inspired him to “take a leap of faith into the creative side of life.” Read his writing here, and his article on his father’s work in art therapy here (page 28).  

Feature image by Melissa Toh.

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