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Duotones by Jesse Dyer

Drawing figures has always fascinated me. You don’t draw what you see, but what you want to see. The more you focus on drawing one element exactly, the more abstract it becomes. I started drawing figures in duo-tones at art school, the warm brown skin tones sit at the front of the image and the blue recedes. Interestingly, these particular pigments make a neutral grey when they are mixed.

I work with new media, particularly web-based art and my drawings are the starting point for more complex artwork. If you imagine the internet as one huge organism, a membrane of interconnected nerves, it starts to resemble a skin. A single organ which can obscure and protect at the same time as it allows certain substances and feelings to pass through it. It is skin that makes drawing the human figure so interesting and difficult. Because there are no definite lines it becomes easier to work tonally, different forms overlap and obscure each other, and the body is able to merge with its surroundings.

_DSF7223 _DSF7224 _DSF7198 _DSF7202 _DSF7211


Jesse Dyer is an artist and writer from Melbourne. More of his work can be found at, if you are curious.

*Featured image by Abby Tai

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