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Caught Up In Skin by Abby Tai, Featured Photographer for ISSUE #18 SKIN

We all hide under the skin called city.

Here we build walls, to be disconnected from nature.
So we could feel protected from its disasters.
Oh, how little do we know; our skin, it separates nature’s majestic beauty from us.

Abby Tai for ISSUE 18 SKIN 5

Here, we create community, to feel belonged.
To be part of the system, monotony, doing the same thing,
We are no different from the other.
And in the end, regret,
For not having a chance to know our true self.

Abby Tai for ISSUE 18 SKIN 7

Here, we chase materials, luxuries and status.
The “incapables” – the ones who cannot keep up, stagnant,
Serving the well-adjusted runners, skilled in the race.
Deep down, a niggling: this is not the way to be living.

Abby Tai for ISSUE 18 SKIN 8

The city, the skin that conceals us from feeling what’s within,
hiding us from the matters that truly matter.
Blinded by unnecessary needs,
deafened by manipulative information, that flood us,
like waves, drown us.
We do not need “skin” to keep us safe,
It never really did anyway.

Numbed by the knowledge we’ve known too long. Like callouses. Blind spots.
Yet comfort, is a hard thing to give up,
So we say, “I shall stay this way”. Simply because.

Abby Tai for ISSUE 18 SKIN 13

But give up this skin, step outside,
Let yourself feel, wind in the face.
Emptiness fades away,
And you may find, Life.

284b602Abby Tai is drawn to the mysterious beauty she finds in film photography. Travel is one of the most important things to Abby – it helps her get out of her skin, and exposes her senses to the unknown. Her work can be found at

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