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The Nightmares by Dhiyanah Hassan

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Feature image by Jehan Aziz.



On certain nights, Dhiyanah Hassan will go all out — she will eat your childhoods and collect screams to slowly ferment into cardboard-flavoured hospital foods.


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6 thoughts on “The Nightmares by Dhiyanah Hassan

  1. Beautiful, Dhi. I could feel all the emotions all the way through this story. And the artwork – so captivating. I think the choice of black and white only works so well for this topic too. But well you already know that I am your biggest fan, right?

    • aw shucks, Mich! your messages always make me happy ❤
      thank you, this one was a bit tricky–i'm glad all the elements came together in the end!

  2. Nice Illustration!

  3. But once the demons are inside your head, they never leave. a great little tale, beautifully illustrated.

  4. Nice illustration. But, I found the story more fascinating as i can very well relate to it. Good work.

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