“One day I decided to look for you”: Illustrations by Nelson Tse

Overall concept

Birth in my interpretation is an initial privilege and unexpected adventure for every newborn. Birth giving is a massive task for mothers, but it is also a massive step for a newborn, who will have to try their best to step out into a whole new world full of deception, conspiracy, competition…

“That’s a small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind.” The infamous words of Neil Armstrong are not only applicable for man’s first landing on the moon, but also on for the act of giving birth.

Merging the experience of the moon landing with the process of birth, I hope to showcase the similarities between these two amazing occasions.

A Star Is Born - Nelson Tse for ISSUE Birth

A star is born

The creation of a new human life can be likened to the birth of a new star in the galaxy. Shining bright like no other, the new child is fragile, light as eggshell. He lives in a place with zero gravity, a strange galaxy unlike the world he will soon enter.

Prelude - Nelson Tse for ISSUE Birth


Before that, there was nothing. Until…

He sees a borderless land welcoming his visit;

She sees a shining meteor embracing her.

A deep impact between him and her creates a most beautiful sparkle that soon turns into the petals of autumn. The infant in a spacesuit, embraced and comfortably led to the land of dreams.

Here’s how I was born.

A Ticket to Ride - Nelson Tse for ISSUE Birth

A ticket to ride

Every thing I touch rises up from the dull below,
Every step I take, the cold within turns warm,
Every place I pass, there’s a change she’ll never have experienced before.

I hope to deliver joyful change, as a thank you for taking good care of me.

Rise and Fall - Nelson Tse for ISSUE Birth

Rise & Fall

Sometimes I might annoy you with how much I move;
But that’s just me making contact, trying to share with you how I feel

Do you want to know about my day?
What’s for dinner?
Can I have a bedtime story, perhaps?

I do know you’re out there. Somewhere else.

So quiet and yet so close.

One day, I decided to look for you.

Beginning of a Journey  - Nelson Tse for ISSUE Birth

Beginning of a journey

I’m afraid of nothing, because I’ve got you by my side,
I’m not shivering any more, because I know you will embrace me,
I’m not alone, because I know you will love me,

I’m taking my very first step to the outside world, just to meet you.

This is because I love you.

See you soon.

Nelson Tse is a student & an illustrator. He sees himself as a 22-year-old young adult with a child’s heart who expresses his dreams and fantasies through illustration, hoping to dwell in an ever lasting illustration kingdom. Find more of his work through his portfolio, or commission work from him by emailing ayersalak0@gmail.com.

Feature image by Jehan Aziz.

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