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Interview with Jehan Aziz, Featured Photographer for ISSUE #17 BIRTH

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Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I think most people have more than one of themselves, less of an exterior and an interior and more of a quiet fluidity of tendencies. I am largely a private person and survive through knowledge, which also means I constantly seek to prove myself wrong. It’s interesting to be young, and to know it, taking measured risks to really challenge who we are. I think that’s crucial for young people, almost like a rite of passage. I have a day job that allows me to do this and creates scenic routes in my life. On my own, I read and write, putting everything on paper, turning things into personal beliefs. Talk to me about space, that’s another one of my favorite things.

Walk us through this collection of pictures. 

My natural tendency when taking photographs is a sense of quiet or happenstance. The little things are the focus, but in context of a bigger idea. Physically, I like large and open spaces. I choose to photograph people closest to me because I understand them. I don’t think I could really capture things I cannot process.

How would you describe your aesthetic, to someone who has not encountered your work?

I dwell, if that makes sense. I want to say something else, debate my perception versus yours, reach a consensus.

What do you try to capture with your art? 

I’m not sure, to be very honest. I think it’s about just being present and being comfortable, though ‘art’ is very rarely comfortable, is it?

I understand you also write on the side; do you approach writing and photography the same way?

I do not. I choose to photograph, I make judgments on the subject and the outcome. With writing, it’s almost unconscious, instinctive. I just happen to hold the pen.

You’ve built for yourself a growing audience on Instagram. Who are your favorites there, why?

I always struggle with social media and its repercussions, so it does take a lot of effort on my part. I’m a fan of people like Anne Cynn (annecynn), Carissa Gallo (carissajg), Christian Sorensen Hansen (christiansorensenhansen), Lauren Davison (laurendavison), Lydo Elise Le (lydaux), Tally Gunstone (tullitha), and of course, NASA. It’s more than just photos — there’s a message and an idea, we are entrusted to acknowledge them. They make me ponder and think, which is nice.

You’ve done quite a bit of travel these past few months. What were some of the things you encountered or experienced that struck you as remarkable?

Traveling is such a personal process, and it really does take a lot out of me. I always find myself having to ‘recuperate’ when I return from places. What constantly strikes me is how differently all of us are raised, with values and ideals so closely tied to our own environment, creating individuals so singularly alien from us. This is one of the struggles, and also joys, of roaming the world; we seem to know less and less, leaving room for limitless expansion.

Jehan’s writing has previously appeared in ISSUE here. You can find her on Instagram.

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    Beautifully Capture~

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