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Beginnings by Sasha Kow

Sasha Kow for ISSUE BIRTH Feature Image

“The beginning or coming into existence of something.”

Almost like any other artist, drawing or doodling is a form of release for me. It is almost effortless and doesn’t require much thought before the paper is completely inked.

However, it wasn’t something I was fond of sharing, as everything I drew was personal. It was a secret hideout for thoughts that I couldn’t articulate. The best part about doodling was that there wasn’t ever such a thing as a mistake, and even if there was? It wouldn’t be hard to rectify, because it belonged to me. It didn’t have to look a certain way or have certain themes within it for it to be loved — it was already loved by its creator.

Picking up the pen and carefully carving marks onto the white surface wasn’t difficult; what it was going to be was the only question in mind. Birth has always been the beginning of seasons, events and something rather magical: Life. I often tell myself that sometimes some things have to die for something greater to have Life.

Eventually, I decided to illustrate three words that meant most to me, what Birth could mean to others and how Birth relates to me as a person at this moment. This project has birthed something inside me that was willing to share a little bit of what keeps me going.

Sasha Kow for ISSUE BIRTH 1

Sasha Kow for ISSUE BIRTH 2

Sasha Kow for ISSUE BIRTH 3

Sasha Kow for ISSUE BIRTH 4

Sasha Kow for ISSUE BIRTH 5

Sasha Kow prefers burping out loud and giving a wide smile after instead of keeping everything in. Has a severely short attention span and suffers from a stunted mental age because she’s slightly afraid of growing up…which is why she either turns to a blank sheet of paper along with a fineliner or taps onto black and white keys for comfort.

Featured Image by Jehan Aziz.

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One thought on “Beginnings by Sasha Kow

  1. i love this piece — the typography’s absolutely beautiful! so glad you decided to share this with us 🙂

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