We All Scream: spoken word poetry by Ashvina Naidu & Melizarani T.Selva

Two spoken word poems on two different foods — a feast for your ears and your salivary glands.

Our first is a multi-voiced and cross-continental effort, bringing to life Ashvina Naidu’s luscious and rather seductive poem, simply titled Chilli Pan Mee.

Voice talents: Eben Rojter (Australia), Matt Harvey (Australia), Marvin Wong (Malaysia) and Melizarani T.Selva (Malaysia).

We pat our bellies, sigh, and cool down with Melizarani T.Selva’s delicious The Afternoon Affair, read in its entirety by the poet herself.


Ashvina Naidu is a blissful nerd who is much better at working on projects that carry meaning to her than commercial ventures. She works creatively to produce high quality written work, and thoroughly enjoys managing and planning content. Visually, layouts are her passion. She has taught lots of Speech and Drama, and has helped to run student productions since 2010. Fresh off a job in a small art gallery, she is an amateur permaculturist, a budding graphic designer and a life-long curator of curiousities. Read her blog at glowdown.wordpress.com. She tweets at @ashvina.

Melizarani T. Selva is a spoken word poet, writer and entrepreneur. Her rhymes are drawn from her infatuation with food, a wild curiosity in taboos and all the things her mother told her not to do. She has performed her poetry at various literary events in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne, including The Georgetown Literary Festival and gained first runner-up at The National Singapore Slam 2013. You can find her poems at facebook.com/MelizaraniSpokenWord

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