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Joga, a Bjork cover by Sulyn Ooi

When I think of ‘hunger’, the first thing that comes to mind is being young. Being young and hungry to live, eager to fill my palette with colours of the vibrant kind. Everything seems more intense. Intense joy. Intense pain. Intense stupidity. Every major experience is more searing.

Then I grow older, and my bright palette has made way for practical living, fading to muted hues. But every so often the Jiminy Cricket within reminds me to stay in awe, stay in touch, and always remember the colours.

What about Joga drew you to the song?

The very first thing that drew me to the song was the lyrics in the chorus, coupled with Bjork’s emotive delivery. I also felt that the string arrangement brought the ’emotional landscapes’ bit of the song to life, as it made me think of sweeping hills.

The kind of things you are hungry for as a person, has that changed as you’ve grown older?

I suppose everyone is hungry to make their lives count for something. My first love has always been music-making, namely in the songwriting category. That hasn’t changed, but now, having been around for longer, I’ve come to desire that the music I make will be positive and hopeful.

To “stay in awe, stay in touch, and always remember the colors”. How does music help you achieve this?

I feel contented whenever I get an idea for a cover, or work on something of my own, or come across a really good song. It allows me to stop chugging on with work and appreciate the beauty that music can bring. I suppose that’s how arty people feel.


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Sulyn Ooi is a singer-songwriter, composer and wedding singer based in KL. She’s in the middle of recording her 2nd EP. You can check out her work and upcoming appearances here.

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