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Floating bits of ephemera: an interview with Bryan Lim, Featured Photographer for ISSUE #15

What we loved when we first saw Bryan’s photos were the stories they all seemed to tell — singularly and together. Faraway lands of wide fields and rocky outcrops, some heroic, arduous, mystical journey where you met strangers with no faces, or you met friends who would jump into the sky with you. There was also a sense of melancholy and yearning that we sentimental saps were also digging; this constant searching, and deprivation in his images of people with covered faces, people trying to fly away, trying to capture floating bits of ephemera. Felt like a crooked/just right fit for Hunger. We hope you enjoy his photography just as much as we do. You can find more of Bryan’s work here on his photoblog and Facebook.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Bryan Lim and I’m 21 years old. People would be more familiar with my nickname, bryzoid. I’m a Mass Communication student and I’m currently pursuing my degree in the UK. Back in Malaysia I reside in Kuala Lumpur.

How did you get started with photography?

I started photography back in 2008, but I only got serious with it in 2011. Photography is the only channel I could share my story and thoughts with the public through my photos. My first memory of photography was when my grandmother gave me my late grandfather’s Voigtländer Bessa II. It started meaning something to me when I received messages from people asking photography questions and compliments. From that, I realised that while I’m enjoying what I do, I can help others to pursue their passion as well.

What stories are you trying to tell with your images? 

I use photography to convey my stories and express my thoughts, and hopefully someone out there feels the same way I do. It’s all about connecting with the audience. The stories that I usually tell through my images are based on my life experience, good or bad. Furthermore, they always have a value to motivate and inspire people. But I usually don’t share my story because I want people to perceive my photography through their understanding.

What do you find yourself hungry for?

I find myself hungry for passion in what I do, and most importantly, I’m hungry to inspire others to chase their dream.

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