ISSUE Magazine

Paddle Pops and Sugus Sweets by Rowena Abdul Razak

Paddle pops and sugus sweets,
Tip tops and playground feats,
Bata shoes and I love yous,
Growing toes and nothing to lose.

Morning assemblies and dreaming in class.
Innocent night-time sleeps and no hidden past.
Days of endless afternoons made of adventures:
From time travelling to a garden of buried treasures.

Truth or dare, silly games and tic-tac-toe,
Batu Seremban and catchy rhymes.
Lighthearted fun and carefree times.
Your doodles were poetry in the back row.

Rainbow swirls and school ties,
Ballet twirls and unanswered sighs.
Simple matters and quiet looks (dissent).
Your love letters in exercise books (unsent).

Friendship bands and names in hearts,
Our history in lost lands, remembered in parts.
From my present I think of you fondly
And wonder if you ever dream of me.

Rowena Abdul Razak is a contributor to ISSUE Magazine. She tweets at @rowenarazak, and you can check out her other poems here.

Feature image is a custom ISSUE collage of photographs by Nina Mouritzen and Shaun Tiong, designed by Syar S. Alia.

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