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Children on the Street: Photographs by Shaun Tiong

We’re very lucky this month to have the photographs of Shaun Tiong, fast now becoming a regular photography contributor to ISSUE, grace the front page of our YOUTH edition. His street portraits of children have an air of innocence and buoyant joy, without shortchanging the characters of these children, ensuring they remain as they are — whole people in their own rights, with quirks and worries and gestures all their own.

The graininess of his photographs and some of his familiar settings evoke a nostalgia and a grittiness — that grittiness of play, of messing about in the dirt, in the water, on the concrete, under the benches and tables of shops, under the legs of adults. It was this grittiness that made the photographs seem a good match for the work of YOUTH’s other featured photographer, Nina Mouritzen, with her glimmering snapshots of growing up, and adolescent young adulthood.

Featured below are Shaun’s photographs in their original forms, which we hope you enjoy just as much as the collages he’s so gracefully allowed us to make out of his work. All photos of the subjects have been taken with express permission by the subject’s parent or guardian. For more of Shaun’s work as featured in ISSUE, click here.

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