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Editor’s Note #12 + ISSUE takes Center Stage

New goodies in this month’s ISSUE

1. ShortsFour writers approach a smaller sub-theme within the month’s ISSUE, each of us afforded 350 words and no more. Capsule stories, flanked by new artwork by our resident illustrator, Dhiyanah Hassan. This space will be a good platform for writers who want to contribute something more compact and immediate than a full feature. If you’re interested in contributing, please email with “Shorts” in the title.

2. Our Featured Photographer for this month, Safuraa Razak is a dear friend whose talent I’ve admired (and secretly envied) for years. Safuraa, a bright-dimpled architect by profession, has always had a great eye for things — her personal style, artwork and lovely personality make her a distinctive character. “Dresses up in black top to toe one day, and glitter like a disco ball the next,” Safuraa describes herself in her interview with ISSUE.

3. ISSUE goes Live. A few weeks ago, Syar, Lutfi, Syazwina and Akram — four delightful personalities — took the stage at Yakin’s “A Year of Faith”. A public event featuring an array of NGOs, we addressed an audience nestled in beanbags and baited with bags of candy. We talked about “The Magic of …”, topics that had been talked and written about in our magazine — friendship, masturbation, blood, chocolate, nostalgia. Syar and Lutfi, the two hosts of this event — and the innovative force of ISSUE — hint the kind of new stuff and experimentation you’ll be seeing out of us over time.

4. We sit down to chat with musician Az Samad, the son of the national laureate, A Samad Said and an accomplished artist himself. He mentions Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘I will follow you into the dark’, shares with us some of his work and talks about his philosophy when it comes to producing art. “The thing is if something inspires you, try to capture that in a song. You may fail but that’s art — you don’t know if it’s going to work,” he says.


We are just a month shy from our Anniversary ISSUE – ISSUE X — a significant milestone which will precede several big changes. We have huge ambitions; so far its been a great place for different voices to express themselves, but we want to aim higher, raise the stakes. We will be reorganising our teams and build a new system that allows each person to reach his or her best potential, and focus on making things tighter.

In coming months, you may see ISSUE take on a different shape and form — our second year will be about taking bigger risks and setting higher expectations for ourselves — but at the core, the creative spirit and passion will remain as a driving force to what we do.

New blood is what we need. Sex. Politics. Opinion. Travel. Photographers. Sketches. Moleskin-sniffers. Candle-makers. Knitwear-fetishists. Artists. Dreamers. Compulsive nappers. People with a passion, people who have craved to create and do something. In the meantime, here’s another ISSUE — full of wonder and fire– to fill what remains of this melancholic May.

– Al

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