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Interview with Safuraa Razak, Featured Photographer for ISSUE #12

Tell us a bit about yourself.
If I could describe myself as a person you would regularly meet in a bus, I would be…. the one who wears her jacket inside out without realising it. Dresses up in black top to toe one day, and in glitter like a disco ball the next. Stares outside the window and smiles at what seems to be nothing to you. Hums to herself, thinking no one can hear her. Seems unapproachable, but hopes to have a random conversation with someone new. Gets off the bus and freaks out for a moment, thinking she’s left something behind. Yes, I did describe myself as a crazy hobo.

What do you intend to convey as a photographer?

I do not have a certain object, location, aesthetic or anything predetermined for most of my photos. But I do have a certain character to convey, the person behind the lense…a curious observer with highly enhanced senses.

What or who are the biggest influences to your work?

My ever-evolving environment and its transients. Sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s bright, sometimes it’s loud, and sometimes it awfully quiet.

Has your work visibly evolved or changed over time? What drove these changes?

Of course this applies to any creative mind out there, our work constantly evolves whether we like it or not. Sometimes I think my work is less relatable, understood or accepted now. Mostly because of my age and the life experience I’ve collected. It is more subjective. It has become more personal and experimental, so much that sometimes I would rather keep them to myself. The only thing that remains consistent in my photographs is the celebration of flaws and defects.

What inspires you most?

God and His creations.

What kind of magic did you believe in as a kid, do you believe in it now? What is “magic” to you?

As a child I’ve always been interested in both supernatural and paranormal happenings. The idea of believing in something unexplainable or invisible taught me to expand my imagination and move with faith. Now, as an adult, I think magic creeps amongst things that we tend to overlook, in the most common of places. Only sometimes we’d notice. Though it is momentary, it can make a huge impact to a person. It exists with the mysteries that surround it. It drives us to become explorers.

So how do you convey such a thing through photos? One can only imply through magical imagery, but it is impossible to document magic itself.

What has been the most wonderful thing to happen to you?

It happens everyday. To live knowing that I can freely do what I am passionate about and have the people I love support me.

Share with us a film, book or piece of art that you recently came across and loved.

To name a few, Into the Wild, Everything is Illuminated, Darjeeling Limited and more recently, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and any other movie that involves the act of soul-searching or travelling in a foreign place. These movies might not be my favourites, but they made an impact on me. The gesture of placing oneself in an unfamiliar environment and absorbing a new culture alone intrigues me.



Find more of Safuraa’s art on her blog and Instagram.

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