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Treats by Dhiyanah Hassan

Treats, p.g. 1, DH
Treats p.g. 2, DH
Treats p.g. 3, DH
Treats p.g. 4, DH
Treats p.g. 5, DH
Treats p.g. 6, DH


Dhiyanah Hassan
 doesn’t know how to behave. She pretends like she’s four years old when writing stories, then reverts back to a semi-adult when drawing.

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3 thoughts on “Treats by Dhiyanah Hassan

  1. Somehow this gave me the fuzzy feeling i have watching Studio Ghibli movies (Particularly Mononoke Hime). I love it.

  2. Michelle Bunt on said:

    Seriously Dhi!!! How is it possible that one person could be this insanely talented??? In awe of you right now, hun. I hope you take some time today to really feel how WONDERFUL you are!

    P.S. I’m about to go to sleep now – I hope some story spirits come and visit me overnight 🙂

    • aw man, this is so sweet. thank you so much, you lovely lovely human being! ❤

      p.s. remember to leave some candies out for the story spirits 😉

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