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Economic Downturn of My Heart by Rowena Abdul Razak

You’re as foreign as foreign currency:
Another country I’ll never really get.
As foreign as that Turkish lira on my bedroom wall
As tantalising and dull as an unanswered call
As spiraling and consuming as regret.

You’re as volatile as foreign currency:
A rate of exchange I should never pin my dreams to (but do)
Leaving me spent and broke – of fantasies and realities.
You’re kind of like Angela Merkel to my economic freeze
Even the cheesiness of this ode, I’ve dedicated to you.

But you’re as constant as foreign currency:
An ever-present, persistent feature in my heart’s policies
An investment with low interest rates but I invest nonetheless
Because a moment with you is enough to cause such happiness
And so I look for traces of you in all towns, all cities.

And so to your foreign country I return to again and again in my mind
Stagnated – a lesson on the ties that bind.

Feature image by Mardiana Sani for ISSUE Magazine

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