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What the Curtains Left Us by Felice Wong

She was born into a mask that only came off
when she put another on.
All pouted lips and lifted skirts
The first image of her in our minds.
When she sang on the screens
that she wanted to be loved
by you
no one else but you,
we clutched at our chests
and mouthed the words,
that she didn’t die
for us.

She was a roll of film
in our heavy cameras.
We took candid pictures
and waited
for her to reveal
our dirtiest secrets
in the darkrooms of our minds.

‘How are the beautiful
unhappy?’ we thought.
We poured her
like white wine
into a little white dress.
Our dirty little thing,
our neon angel.
Anything we wanted her to be.

After all, didn’t we know her so well?
More than herself?
What was there to know of an empty shell?
She was our little doll, our mannequin,
our marionette.
with her fine legs,
strutting across our screens.

She was a fantasy that came
with drama, curls, lipstick.
Wrapped neatly in a black and white box.
We drowned in her latest lines
wondering when
those scandalous pictures
of us in her bed
would surface
from the tides of flash photography.

We cried as Hollywood
jerked off to her
untimely demise.
Romanticizing a flat line.
We walked around
as if some part of ourselves
had died with her.

‘What a beautiful woman she was.’

‘I loved her. She was so real.’

‘She was what women should be.’

As if we were there by her side
when we were actually the pills
in her blood.

In the wake of a standing ovation,
all us pills could call her was
the flash for all the car crashes
waiting to speed after her
off cliffs and dead ends.

Now all her beauty has rotted
into the deep
and all that’s left of her is
pirated film and pictures
of a life we pretended to live.

Image by Rafika Ismail for ISSUE Magazine

Felice Wong Thumbnail ISSUE

Felice Wong will be the Pope one day. 

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One thought on “What the Curtains Left Us by Felice Wong

  1. csa on said:

    nice. how bout one on saloma?

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