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Street Photography by Shaun Tiong

Shaun Tiong got in touch with us via a private message on Facebook, telling us about a batch of photos he had and wanted to share with us for FILM. We haven’t had a photo feature in a while, so after the different visual direction we took with images and establishing relationships with photographers in ISSUE #9: TRASH, we were more than happy to connect with Shaun and his striking photography. We are huge fans of his focus on people in his photographs, which we found to be a nice juxtaposition to the philosophies he shared with us about medium and technique. We hope you enjoy his photographs, accompanied by an explanation of the man himself about his history behind the camera.

Click the images for full screen.

I took up photography roughly two to three years ago because I needed a hobby change and I fell in love with photography. I’ve done some odd jobs as a photographer — mainly shooting events — but my core will always be street photography. I try to make the best out of my shots as mistakes can be costly, but at the same time trial and error helps improve the skill.

I prefer shooting with film as film photography allows me to take my time and think about my shots, whereas digital photography just basically allows me to spam my memory and I don’t learn as much from the shots I take digitally.

I am greatly influenced by many photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Daido Moriyama, and some war photographers such as Robert Capa, Kevin Carter and Greg Marinovich.

When I’m out on the streets, I feel as if anything could happen and I want to be there capturing that moment as these little precious moments cannot be repeated. All of my shots are taken anywhere and anytime — I never leave home without a camera even if it’s the camera on my phone because as photographer Chase Jarvis quotes, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” Over time I began to develop my photographer’s eye and I realised there’s so much to capture in the city and the countryside of Malaysia. We need not venture overseas to get beautiful images as there’s so much happening in front of our eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Street Photography by Shaun Tiong

  1. Pearly Phang on said:

    Well done Son! You captivate my heart with your hidden talent. I am proud of you. Love, Mom.

  2. csa on said:

    this is so lovely, makes me feel like going for a walk.

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