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Editor’s Note #9 + ‘BROKAST’ with Al Zaquan, Haziq Hamid, Kamarul Anwar and Lutfi Hakim

This month’s podcast, I must warn you, contains some very graphic themes and language.

It is, after all, about trash, and we decided we’d go for the basest angle we could think of, with the least allowed amount of coherence.

It was a fun recording, partly because we got to uncensor our thoughts, and partly because we got to make fun of other people (listen to find out). It should come to no surprise that it didn’t take a lot for us to be our trashiest selves, and as Haziq, fellow brokaster, put it, “It’s fun!”

This theme is one of our more concrete ones. There are a lot of easy associations to the word trash; ex-girlfriends, tv, feelings, rubbish; which explains why our contributors were more forthcoming with their thoughts this time round.

You can see some overlapping patterns in the contributions, for sure, but I think it’s made more interesting because each individual approached their subject matter from a different point of view.

Or it could just be that ISSUE’s writers have their heads in the gutter. Finally an opportunity appeared for them to be themselves.

Rubbish, flotsam, debris, vermin, rats, inspiring; whatever you may think of us after going through this month’s ISSUE, rest assured that the trash is in you too.

— Lutfi

Image is ‘Faceoff II: The Pekeliling Flats’ by WordsManifest on Flickr. Poster design by Syar S. Alia.


Lutfi is not a migrant worker, no matter what those taxi drivers think.

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2 thoughts on “Editor’s Note #9 + ‘BROKAST’ with Al Zaquan, Haziq Hamid, Kamarul Anwar and Lutfi Hakim

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