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Ideas Are Not Trash by Tabinda Sultan

Honey I’m glad that we’re here now,
A day before we are done,
Lost in a landfill of tomorrow,
Tomorrow we’ll sweep as one,
Fathers of our politicians,
taught them to sleep from the cries.
Soon they forgot their own fear of
forgetting innocent lives
I hid the body in disgrace
the body of my bin
thrown within were scraps of ideas
Unknown to me
before I looked at the stars
pulled out my soul from under my skin
To show them that my skin was not all of me
that I wrote songs too
albeit a bit differently
Dear don’t listen, their words are trash to you,
scripted for you
And I’d live here for eternity
but I see a girl with her dad’s head on her knees
And the blood that rushes forth
is a bond broken by force
And I guess that bonds get broken
I buried the body of man yesterday
and trapped in his head
were ideas too
they sank into his grave as well.

IM: What do you think of when you think of Trash? What does Trash mean to you?
TS: For me, Trash is more than the litter that pollutes our roadsides: it’s sometimes the stuff that we say, what is embodied in our actions. Sometimes people trash talk in sports, sometimes we hurt someone physically or emotionally, and we make them feel like garbage. Sometimes we’re the ones feeling like trash. But when you start thinking about all the other things in life, about music, art, controversial topics like abortion, revolutionary analysis like The New Jim Crow – it’s easier to stop feeling like that because your world stops being so narrow and centered on the present, and you think as well as feel, which is much more powerful than just being sentimental.

IM: What lead you to write this song? What did you want this song to say?
TS: I wrote this song because I wanted to explore what Trash meant to me. I can’t do it in poems, or in articles, as well as I can with music. The message came after the song, and it is that intelligent ideas are discarded faster than feelings of hatred or indifference towards others. I love composing songs, but I’m starting to get bored of chords and the piano, hence the message of how ideas are so easily discarded. With everything I’ve created, I’ve always tried to avoid recycling ideas (like love) unless I can mix it in with my own, and that stands for music as well, especially with chords.


Image is ‘Gutter’ by WordsManifest on Flickr.

Tabinda Sultan is currently 16 years old and finishing her IGCSEs. She’s looking forward to buying and playing a ukulele and hopefully sending in more songs!

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One thought on “Ideas Are Not Trash by Tabinda Sultan

  1. Reminds me of Daniel Johnston (in a good way). Talented young lady.

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