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Editor’s Note #8 + Podcast with Sara Trett and Lynam Matjeraie

At our podcast session for ISSUE #8: Light with Sara Trett and Lynam Matjeraie, I was propped up on the sofa, trying my best not to move in fear of having a podcast filled with squishy sounds (the perils of a leather couch whilst recording), when suddenly Lutfi nudged me, mouthing, “Say something”.

The rest of the ISSUE team can attest to the fact that I am notoriously silent when it comes to our podcast sessions. I understand this is contrary to the whole point of them, but I seem to suffer a mild form of catatonia once Lutfi’s handy-dandy recorder thingie starts rolling. Plus, I am genuinely happy to stay quiet and listen to these people. Eloquent conversation is always pleasant to soak in.

But here we are, having just crossed the threshold of a New Year, and however much we may grumble that a new calendar doesn’t hold real significance in terms of setting goals or resolving to do something, it’s inevitable that we stop to take stock of what we know now and where we see ourselves headed.  And for ISSUE, while on a personal front I hope to overcome my podcast catatonia, I think as a whole the team here has been really thinking about what we want to do looking forward.

Amplifying this is our theme for this ISSUE – Light could easily denote new realizations or reflections of things come to past. And while Light could also be seen in numerous other ways (exhibited beautifully by our contributors this month), if I had to pick one collective interpretation, I’d like to think that this month’s ISSUE reflects all that is hopeful, all that is there after we open up our respective Pandora boxes and deal with what we have to bear.

And as for our podcast session for Light? Well, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Sara, one of our regular contributors who at 16, is also one of the youngest; and Lynam, who if you didn’t know, contributed the kickass jingle you hear at the start and end of all our podcasts Going into the session pretty much winging it, we ended up talking of moments of key realizations, figuring out life routes, and our gravitation towards the things that we love, all while we sat on a squishy couch on a cloudy afternoon. I’m thankful to say that in spite of me, the conversation went swimmingly.

Regardless of any prevailing cynicism, here’s to all that is hopeful, and here’s to a New Year.

– Atiqah

Poster for ISSUE #8 LIGHT by Syar S. Alia

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6 thoughts on “Editor’s Note #8 + Podcast with Sara Trett and Lynam Matjeraie

  1. This is really interesting- I’m always thinking about conventional education and how, in the same way it wasn’t for me, it won’t be for others. My desires and ambitions are shaped by different things I experience in my life, which of course include my time at school and university, but are not overwhelmed by those moments. I like learning, and will continue to do so whether or not it concludes with a qualification at the end.

    Another thing that I’m always going on about is education and the idea of success. Most of us want to be rich or powerful, or happy, whatever, but for others these come in different forms. ‘Rich’ for my friends and I, is not monetary, but intangible ideals. Society is hopefully moving in a direction where parents and employers and school children can appreciate that.

    Good job folks.

  2. Around 15:00, there was a sound similar to a gunshot. Did anyone get a cap popped in their ass or something?

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