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sans amour by Leana Fatimah Makhdzir

Of the river
of words flowing between
them, the depthlessness
of their vicious secrecy,
a liaison I am not part of.
             — I am jealous of an ocean.
Of the petals
of poetry blooming between
them, the sweetness
of their decadent intimacy,
a tenderness I am not part of.
             — I am jealous of a flower.
Of the notes
of music floating between
them, the melodiousness
of their ordained affinity
a rhapsody I am not part of.
             — I am jealous of a starling.
These violent ravings
of a degenerate; it is I!
who claws for meaning;
it is I! who roars for loving;
it is I!
Between these lines, I line
my ever-darkening desire
to live the life of another,
meanwhile, I remain
           — a loveless creature.
Image is ‘Thunder Cells (5) 2010‘ by Renee Prisble on Flickr.
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2 thoughts on “sans amour by Leana Fatimah Makhdzir

  1. Superb.

    I love the structure and uniformity in this piece; and the selection of words to fit within this structure is perfecto!

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