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Mirror and I by Dhiyanah Hassan

Mirror and I by Dhiyanah Hassan



Dhiyanah Hassan doesn’t know how to behave, so she draws.

Sometimes, she’ll hide under a table and pretend to write.

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2 thoughts on “Mirror and I by Dhiyanah Hassan

  1. alzaquan on said:

    “to make me feel
    the rampant wailings”
    was gorgeous Dhi. To be honest, aside from few poets (who are almost all female and decidedly dead) I don’t gravitate to poetry at all, but this was really nice. I think you’ve struck gold with the graphic+word combo, it really does a stellar job of illustrating a feeling and leveraging on your duo-talents as an artist+writer. Really hope to see more of this type of work from you 🙂

    *I’ve a question though, what do you mean by the last two lines?

    • omg Al I’m so sorry for the late reply – just saw this today! and you’re way too nice! although it did make my day reading such positive feedback – thank youuu!

      *last stanza: “of all my sins – / combined” implies that Envy isn’t the only thing in a person that demands battling against.

      i hope that helps 🙂 it took a while to find the shortest way to explain it – i’ve always found this explaining-articulately business tricky!

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