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Editor’s Note #6 + Podcast

Addiction, at its most destructive, it makes you forget everything else in the world for a hit, a joint, a rollup, a line.

But a world without addicts would be a world of angels. A world clean and sterile, and dispassionate.

It would certainly be a quieter world too since everyone’s feeling fine. They don’t need your help.

But we live in a world with addiction.

We live in a world where we need: things, feelings, hope, love, peace.

Some of the things we look for end up doing more to us than others; you never know what trips you.

It could be the things you thought benign that turns out to be so difficult to pull away from.

Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do to deal with that addiction was to gesture?

If when the thought of it, her, comes, you could just swipe to erase and then no more?

No pangs, no pain, no shakes.

You brush yourself off, and keep on moving.

No despair, no helplessness, no stigma.

Photo credit: I’m Crushing Your Head!! by meddygarnet

Lutfi works in PR. Say hi at @ltf_ha.

You can find current writing by Petra Gimbad here

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