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Potted by Dhiyanah H

Potted by Dhiyanah Hassan

No, it’s okay. I’ll stay.

It’s fine, I’m here.


Dhiyanah Hassan doesn’t know how to behave, so she draws. 

Sometimes, she’ll dance. If wiggling in one spot like a spastic leaf could be considered dancing.

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6 thoughts on “Potted by Dhiyanah Hassan

  1. I usually don’t know what to say that would do any justice to your work, Dhi, but I feel compelled to say that this piece of work is just so…accurate. It depicts everything about commitment that I love and fear completely – the settling, the growing of roots, the near impossibility of leaving and the time it takes away. It’s such a sacrifice, such an investment, and you’re never sure if it’s worth it enough to pay off or if it’s a mistake, or if the decision can even be quantified that way.


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Syaz! I’m honestly surprised by the positive feedback on this – I wasn’t sure of it by the time it was finalised, which contrasted with how determined and confident I was with the piece when it was first starting to take shape.

      Weirdly enough, I think that mirrors how I feel about commitment: making the promises always feels so sure, purposeful even noble, but as time passes the struggles in keeping the commitments, and keeping up with the commitments… well, it’s a struggle!

      I’m glad this piece works! Your comment was spot on with what I was trying to convey through these panels, and I’m so happy that you like it 😀

  2. Avie on said:

    Dhiyanah, thanks for sharing us your art. I love all ISSUE contributions, but in particular, I always look forward to seeing your new pieces. They’re raw, stirring and most importantly, honest. As a rule, I find people are most interesting when they’re honest. Best wishes with all the fine work that you are doing.

    • Hi Avie! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!

      Honesty is definitely key for me, too. It took a while to get there, to a place where I can just spill things out as candidly as possible and let them grow in my works. If it’s not believable to me, I can’t use it.

      I’m so happy you like the things I put up! Thanks again for sharing your feedback, it does mean a lot to me 😀

  3. Simply beautiful.

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