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ISSUE is growing.

I feel proud saying that, like I’m once again 11 years old, showing off to my sister and her friends how I had mastered that signature dance move from Will Smith’s video for  “Getting Jiggy With It” (I believe they were suitably impressed). With the number of contributors and views increasing, I sometimes get giddy with the idea that we’re reaching out to more people, that maybe someone new is stumbling onto our site and coming across a piece that they love. Maybe we’re being bookmarked on someone’s browser this very minute.

But sometimes it scares me too. With each hit we get on the magazine and each additional ‘like’ on Facebook, I’m thrilled but at the same time nervous. More views run parallel with increasing responsibilities and higher stakes.  And as much as I know the awesome people I work with behind this project and the best intentions we collectively have for it, sometimes I also worry if we really know what we’re doing for the long-term, do we have a clear idea of what we want to achieve with ISSUE? Are our beliefs and ambitions for the magazine at this point in time solid enough to support or face everything that comes along with the extra scrutiny of a wider audience?

These are normal trepidations I think, and I believe it boils down to that rudimentary concept of being driven with a Purpose in mind. Sure, there are things we don’t need reasons for, sometimes things just are. But on a whole, we do things for a reason. To fulfill a need, to achieve a desire.

For many of us, at this stage of our lives, perhaps we’ve started thinking about Purpose at a more fundamental level, grappling between our preconceived Checklist – getting that degree, securing a decent job, building up the bank balance, meeting someone – and questioning that very Checklist and wondering if it really aligns with what we want out of life. What are we doing, and why do we do it?

I believe that’s the question our contributors try to answer this month. Sometimes understanding Purpose isn’t as simple as saying “I’m doing something because…”, neither is Purpose restricted to being obvious and dramatic proclamations of our God-given duties on this earth. But either way, as always, I love seeing the varied interpretations of our contributors and how each one broached the subject.

In addition, for our podcast this month, we spoke to the lovely Raina of WritersClubKL and one of our regular contributors, on her decision to start writing for a living and what drove, and continually drives, that leap of faith.

In a nutshell, I would like to think our contributors, by doing their piece for this ISSUE, managed to shed new light on what they view Purpose to be and how it manifests in their lives, and maybe help you do so too.

– Atiqah

(Photo by u2tryololo on Flickr)

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