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ISSUE #4 Podcast: Purpose

This issue, we talk about Purpose with Raina Ng.

Raina found Writers Club KL, a community of writers who meet for monthly Readings to share their passion for everything literary. We talk about the authors who have influenced us, how this influence has bended and evolved over time, and the struggle to exert our own influence onto our work and the process of writing.

Raina’s own story is not to be glossed over. After studying law and doing a Diploma in Literature & Spanish – she dabbled as a lawyer, magazine writer, journalist before leaving full-time employment altogether. An approachable, warm and deviously well-read person, she was an unsurprisingly entertaining and insightful guest to have. We all giggled,laughed and sighed.

Also joining us in the conversation are David Foster Wallace, Neil Gaiman and his mountain, Susan Sontag, Harper Lee, Dostoevsky. We confront certain questions we encountered in trying to become a writer,and find answers in the explorations these authors have made. This recording was originally 70 minutes long, before Lutfi spliced it into a listenable length – I guess we lost track of time, it was a small afternoon spent with these people who I considered great friends, and even greater writers.

What does it mean to be a writer? Are we meant to be writers, does that mean skipping the rat race altogether – and if so, what are the consequences? That’s only the beginning, its a conversation worth your time I promise – hop on in and hear how this lovely afternoon unfolded.

– Al

Photo credit: Gord McKenna

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4 thoughts on “ISSUE #4 Podcast: Purpose

  1. Michelle Bunt on said:

    Ohmyword, guys! Talk about speaking direct to my soul in this podcast…as I was listening it was like the entire universe was emblazoning your words and your discussion in my heart, and throwing down a gauntlet to have faith in my writing, and act out that faith with discipline. I feel so emotional now. Was so not expecting this podcast to have such a personal and profound influence on me!

  2. I’m so glad it had such an effect on you, Michelle. This was such a great day and conversation, and the energy in the room is perhaps only fractionally represented in the podcast itself, but the recording I think (but I’m biased) is still so great and captured the spirit of all our discussion as young writers and creatives! So happy it’s out there to be shared with others like you!

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