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My compelling cause by Sulyn Ooi

So we all don’t go down in glory
We don’t all get our lives in stories
But I’ll coax my spark until it becomes a fire.

Purpose: the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used.

I started writing this song a long while back and have revisited it many times over the years.

Music- more specifically singing and songwriting, has always been my reason to breathe.

For a very long time I denied this of myself, only dabbling in it sporadically when there was spare time.

Fear was always present: fear of not writing a good song, fear of not finishing it, and most precedent of all, fear of failure.

It took a year after “Spark” was recorded before I took the reins and decided to fight for it.

I accepted that songs move me and is the medium in music I am most passionate about.

I finally understood that “the dream” isn’t going to be delivered on a silver platter, so here I am, awake from slumber, chasing after it. This is my compelling cause.

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2 thoughts on “My compelling cause by Sulyn Ooi

  1. Sulyn sweetie, love the song. Glad you sparked 🙂

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