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ISSUE #3 Podcast: Comfort

I suppose, in our search for comfort, the meanings of it, we really had no choice but to leave the warm cocoon of friends we’ve relied on so far for interviews and look in new places.

So the ISSUE team took to the KL Alternative Bookfest (KLAB) last month and searched the place for anyone we could stick a mic at to ask what comfort meant.

KLAB Poster by Saharil Hasrin Sanin

In our short time there,  we managed to speak to a couple of interesting people, some famous, some infamous, but all of them inspiring, and left the Annexe with a contrasting tapestry of views on comfort as you can hear in the podcast.

Not to drop names, but here are the folks we spoke to:

Alfian Sa’at and his books

Alfian Sa’at, who was unsurprisingly eloquent and generous. Once trained in the National University of Singapore (NUS) in medicine, Alfian published his first collection of poetry in 1998 (One Fierce Hour) and has since penned a multitude of plays and short stories. His recent hit play, Parah, has defined new standards for socially conscious plays in this country (and Singapore, of course).

We also spoke to Becca Nayagam, the bright and captivating co-founder of Novels for Nepala not-for-profit initiative to raise money to build and stock a library for a school in northern Nepal. The fundraising component of the project involves graduates from all around the world, a network which Becca is a pivotal part of.

In an ISSUE first, portions of this podcast was recorded in Malay, and that includes comments made by Aisa LingLung, author and indie publisher from Lejen Press, whose books include the titillatingly titled Sperma Cinta.

Aisa LingLung and T-shirt

Saharil Hasrin Sanin, author and illustrator famed for his risqué comics online at Saharil Conteng, and KLAB’s perennial poster designer, also gave his views on the use of comfort in the creative process.

Last but not least, we spoke to Miyyah, a quilling artist, who shared with us how craft-making became her path to comfort.

Feature image by Saharil Hasrin Sanin.

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