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In a span of three issues, our team has more than doubled from when we first started and our content has grown more diverse to include written articles, video and audio. Things are very much still a work in progress, our team has learned to tweak and adapt to a system that is still finding its legs. As we learn to cope with the realities of an independent DIY zine, our writers and artists still manage to produce top-notch work, on par with the type of stuff that appears in my favourite magazines: Frankie, Smith Journal, Monocle, i-D.

A few of us remarked that Comfort was harder to untangle as a theme, relative to the previous two (Loss and Self-Discovery, which were deemed more straightforward and somewhat “easy”). I concur, the word is cold and almost sterile; its letters appear in mind with no predetermined colours or emotion. It is a blank canvas, a tank waiting to be filled with stories, experiences, opinions and voices.

In a way, this is what we envisioned ISSUE itself to be; to the artist, the theme is a starting point into a field of possibilities. If I were playing word association, and was asked to utter the words that my mind conjured when I heard of Comfort, I’d say – pillows, food, sex, cities, ocean, parks, dawn, horses and death. Some of these items will appear in this ISSUE broadly, they might surface in word form — meanings intact — or stay hidden between the lines, in the curve of a drawing or the shadows in a picture.

Our writers may explore Comfort from an intellectual standpoint, to start a conversation on the topic. Or they could be fetching select bits from a darker place, where uglier memories reside; its touch no longer corrosive, its pain tamed with time. Or Comfort could arrive from the fonder encounters one may have had, the full hug of a close companion can help you recover from an exhausting day, the same way an 8-hour sleep might. Comfort can be self-destructive, it could be an ideal or a pursuit. It could be a place, a snack or a state of mind.

It is a name for something tender and personal. I hope our readers will appreciate the details that have been invested into this month’s ISSUE, which has been built on all kinds of personal stories and different perspectives.

At press time, we’ve gathered over 120 likes and a decent number of shares and although this has never been how we measured the project’s success, every little move on social media has given ISSUE an incredible amount of traction. If you do see anything that you like, do leave a comment, or share it on Facebook — lets get the conversation going, there are so many ways that you can be a part of this.


Feature image is “Blank canvas” by Michael Dales


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