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Best Two Out Of Three, Shall We?

Flip the Coin that is Comfort by Dhiyanah Hassan


WHAT is comfort?

what IS comfort?

what is COMFORT?

– – –


Oh, what is comfort?
I fear I have forgotten. My words fail to make me feel
When I force them to converse of
Comfort and what it might mean to me.
What does it mean of me,
To not be able to define comfort, for myself?
To not be able to feel this word thumping to the rhythm of my being,
To not have it branching and spurting off
Into fruits filled with juices of ideas, juices of meaning?
…what happened?
Have things spiralled so fantastically
Out of proportion, so as to forget
For myself,
What comfort is?
Have I let things get that far, that low low low?
I can’t afford to lose anything more,
Even a small word, like
– a word that isn’t demanding on the tongue,
Isn’t harsh on the teeth or throat.
A word, now apparently in the past,
Rendered into a hollowed thing, the exoskeleton
Of what once was.

Have I lost it?
Or is it nestled somewhere, waiting?

– – –


Comfort is knowing
that the things that protect,
Can also harm,
So act accordingly.

Comfort is when nothing
Becomes all you have
And all you have to do,
Because the world knows you need a break from everything.
Comfort is having
At least one person on this funky planet,
Who views the things that others say make you sick
As the things that also make you quite

– – –


So, what is comfort?

Oh, look. You have trickled into a shadow.

Fading, faded.

You sit there and I stare. You darken, only very slightly, the bits you cloud over. I try to figure out what shape you have taken, today.

No. No?

No, you have not come for me. You have not come at all.

You are what you are in this moment of the now – a figment, of a fractured fragmented fantasy.

No, my God, no. I do not know what you are anymore.



Dhiyanah Hassan
 doesn’t know how to behave, so she draws.
She uses her blog to try to deal with Art and her mind. You can also find her on Tumblr, sometimes.

Feature image for Comfort:
“Best Two Out of Three, Shall We?” in graphite.

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2 thoughts on “Flip the Coin that is Comfort by Dhiyanah Hassan

  1. alzaquan on said:

    I can honestly imagine this being lined up on a nondescript,grey gallery wall somewhere, with some kind of uninvasive/contemplative ‘ambient’ music in the background. There’s so much to derive from every single inch of every piece – my favorites would be the skeleton hand with birds (and a balloon!) trailing out of it. There’s an incredible sense of restlessness in chaos in this story – the questions, like the big ones that prod my head, are overwhelming, and require me to reach out into a future that is still bleak and uncertain. “You sit there and I stare. You darken, only very slightly, the bits you cloud over. I try to figure out what shape you have taken, today.”. Sometimes trying to do things when I’m in a depressed state of mind – is almost like the last drawing – rubbing out a cloud-white line on a paper stained with directionless pencilmarks. Ok, I’ve sort of imposed my own interpretation on your wonderful pieces – but honestly Dhi – this was just great, really had me thinking, there’s so much depth and beauty here.

    • Thank you so much! It’s always very exciting to hear how others interpret these things, especially when they’re things that happen during freak-outs – they tend to be the most candid, and normally I would trash them as soon as some semblance of clarity has returned to the mind airs. I have to admit, it was as fun as it was draining, to have decided to put them up the way they are and let them go and float around in something as public as the Internet. I think if someone had given me a gallery space I would have done the scribbling, pasting, and erasing right onto the walls (one day! hopefully…), though the music I would have made for this would make people want to run out of the room.
      Anyway, all rambling aside, I really appreciate your sharing with me your interpretations and reactions, what you said about the restlessness really hits home. Hopefully these questions will cease to be too overwhelming, once we lash out at them in some way – scribbling softens them up a bit, I think. Screaming seems to be the next step, now.

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