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Can I ever be alone? by Andrew Chan

I’m a loner. A self-professed loner. I like to be alone. Every time I get home from work I become an antisocial. I would not pick up my phone at times. Would also ignore texts. I am perfectly fine with the idea of watching a movie alone in the cinema. I like chatting with myself. I did that a lot during my trip.

However, I realised that the places I enjoyed most during my trip was where I met great people. Having the human connection, having someone to talk to (I don’t talk much). I remember reaching Hampi, India, and breathing a sigh of relief because I had met a whole bunch of lone travellers. All of us were in need of that sense of comfort. The human connection.

On that particular trip, Andrew lasted four days without showering, fell three times on his bum walking on ice, and replayed Bon Iver’s For Emma too many times. Nowadays, he’ll tear a lil’ listening to the album after the trip.

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3 thoughts on “Can I ever be alone? by Andrew Chan

  1. alzaquan on said:

    That first paragraph reads like a dating advertisement for someone I would date, lol. Its like ok, lets both of us go to the cinema and watch a film alone now. Anyway, great pictures Drew, so much color and so much character.

  2. Haha, I agree with Al. Where can I find someone who will give me space and time to be alone, and not expect me to talk all the time? And as far as cinema goes, yes, why go with someone when you can go by yourself, and totally absorb yourself in the movie in your own wee bubble? haha.

    More importantly though, these are INCREDIBLE pictures!! I can see the connection that exists between the people in the photos, I also get a sense of remoteness and solitude from the landscape, and I just love that particular shade of blue that is in most of the photos. Beautiful!

  3. Kye on said:

    I don’t like to be alone, but people tire me very quickly. I function best when I am alone in a room, but I know right outside a familiar body is waiting for when I need a break from being alone. But I agree Andrew, some of the best memories I have in my travels are the conversations I had with locals and other lonely travellers.

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