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WritersClub KL – she and The Sea by Joanne Nayagam

I stand at the sea’s front, wrapping my red woollen sweater tightly around myself and nestling in it. I close my eyes and take in the smell the sea. I offer her my dreams and confide in her my fears, and abandon my regrets.

“Let go,” she commands quietly, and I obey.

I dig my toes into the sand. I feel the tiny sand grains on my skin and wiggle my toes further in.

“Come,” she says.

I unwrap my sweater. Undo my hairband. I slide off my blouse, then my camisole. I unbutton my pants, take them off. I slip off my panties and am completely barren to her.

I get wet even though there was no man in sight. I run my fingers through my hair. There is a soft zephyr and it kissed my skin. She keeps on calling to me, a gentle instruction in her voice.

I walk slowly towards her. Dipping my feet in, I look at her. It’s as if she has her arms wide open, ready to hold me. I walk further in and goosebumps break across my skin, and I tremble slightly, maybe partly from the eagerness, and partly from the anticipation.

I venture further in. She kisses every inch of my skin while caressing me everywhere else, sliding her tongue into me. I wade in further and her kisses trail up my stomach to my nipples.

I dive further in, closing my eyes, feeling how strongly I wanted her to want me. Her reach travels up my neck and to my lips. I touch my palms to her surface and I stand there trembling at the complete surrender I’m about to give unto her.

I let go of everything and surrender to her will. I keep my eyes open at first and try to see her realm, completely take in her beauty.  I swim further and further into her, wanting to give her more and more of me until finally, my legs and arms tire and I can see nothing but her.

And then I let go. And she washes over me. And, finally, I was. Or rather, I am. Nothing behind. Nothing in front. Just am. Is. When finally consumed, I am everything, even after disappearing.

WritersClubKL began with just a group of writers trying to capture and express soul in the corporate world. With successful weekly meetings, the group’s writings became more confident and expressive through mutual encouragement. From this growth, the group then started up this blog-zine collating their original creative pieces. They  can be found at their blog and Facebook page.

Feature image by Anjum Malkana

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