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From Hampi to Mumbai by Andrew Chan

Hampi to Mumbai from Dru on Vimeo.

It was my first journey on the Indian Railway after a few bumpy night buses – one where I stayed up most of the time talking to another backpacker and the other where I shared my bed with a random Indian man.

The journey from Hampi took almost 24 hours for me to reach my next host. The journey started low,but went up high overlooking the amazing landscapes of India. I shared my bed/seat with 5 Indian guys.

I realized that I am not much of a sightseeing person, I discovered that I can be as dirty as India herself, I found out that I miss Malaysian food: I got to know a few things about myself.

Lasted 4 days without showering, fell 3 times on the bum walking on ice, and replayed Bon Iver’s For Emma too many times during his trip. Nowadays, he’ll tear a lil listening to the album after the trip..

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One thought on “From Hampi to Mumbai by Andrew Chan

  1. I spent most of my childhood looking out of windows, especially when in a moving thing – you’ve no idea how excited I was watching this 😀
    I like how you linked these passing sceneries with finding out bits of yourself through traveling. Your photos in Loss were amazing, too.

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