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by ChrisParkerUK

ASAM CANBERRA – One Fine Morning

One Fine Morning

A slam poem by Azim

Tonight I faced the facts
I found that not everyone will love you
So I’ll keep singing the blues until those who do start to write

This is all there is
It is eternal
And i won’t ever begin to shake this off

So fuck it, I’ll listen to the advice of my friends
If the blues makes me happy, (as ironic as it sounds), I’ll keep
Listening to it
Time and time again

Daisy refuses to appear tonight?
It doesn’t matter for I know who she is, what she is
And when I see her, I will not tell her I love her nor will I sing
Her all the songs I hoped she would love

Not this time, no

For despite being a pain that I feel, a truth that I know
She will keep me soldiering on until the day my youth finally
Decides to give in to ‘reality’

That will be the day my love falls to lust
When my hair falls to the ground
When i lose hope in that beautiful sound

Thus, i am drunk…………..

Not just in the night and the lives on these Eastern shores
But on a heartbeat
The kind that leads a frightened little child away from home

Anxious, insecure
Loved or not, he is who he is
And this is my advice to him

Little boy,
Sing your lonely tunes
Cut your heart in half
Cut your hair

For we all grow up someday
Well, most of us do anyway

This boy is a work in progress
Maybe eternally so
All I really know is that
He is confused and perhaps that’s how he’ll always be

Struggling with the Daisies that leave him smitten
As Doctors give their diagnoses
He worships a Great One
One long dead
But whose ideals remain immortal even to this day

Thus even as the Green light on Daisy’s dock elude the boy
Year after year
He will pursue it

And tomorrow, he will
Run faster
Stretch out his arms further
And one fine morning,

Maybe He will realize that Daisy never existed but was just a song
An ideal
A fairy tale told when he was younger

But it matters not for
Her blue eyes and blonde hair
Became real enough to him

Real enough to give him purpose
Purpose he found before it was too late,

And due to his heart, as naive and lost as it was
He would always have the HOPE that LOVE was real
That he, (like so many he has already met), will one day know

The path to the light
The green light on Daisy’s dock

And also the yellow brick road to the Emerald City

They are both long
As they all are

But in respect of these dreams and goals,
His aspirations and his hope

He will pursue it and
Tomorrow, he will
Run faster
Stretch out his arms further
And one fine morning,

One fine morning……………..

ASAM Canberra is an art movement, it publishes various crowd-sourced content online. They can be found on their Facebook and Tumblr.

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