ISSUE Podcast 001: On Loss

The first ISSUE podcast features Syar S Alia, we speak to her about a project she prepared as a thesis for her honors year.

“The Resilience of Echoes” explores the memories of her late mother,and how this loss may have followed her into adulthood. “I am Answered” – a text component of her thesis – is featured as a separate post on ISSUE.

Does loss of such gravity become a defining part of one’s self? Is it possible to relieve some of that loss by, channeling it into one’s creative work? How was growing up, without one parent? Does the memory of her late mother lie static, or evolve with time?

We met Syar years ago in university, and we immediately gravitated to her – as you may detect on the podcast – Syar is a warm, infinitely open and giving person. It was a pleasure to have someone so eloquent and honest on our first podcast, which starts the conversation for ISSUE #1.

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